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Hi dear church family, we are now entering summer months and in this season we have the following update announcements:

1. We will be having barbecues and outdoor services as weather permits. So please take note of announcements on our Messenger threads, as well as our Website for weekly information updates.

2. During the summer months we will not be having Kids Church, but a room will be made available for the children that is to be supervised by the parents of the children participating. Parents can decide each week on supervision needs.

3. We also ask parents to let their children know that “Plasma Cars” will no longer be used by children before, during, or after church for safety reasons.

4. And we ask that no children be permitted in any of the FCA classrooms unsupervised.

5. We will soon be using the main monitor screen in the main hallway of entrance for our weekly announcements and updates, so please take note of the monitor as you enter and leave for current updates. Thanks and the Lord bless you!

Sunday service is at 10:00 – 11:30 AM at the FCA with kids church available.



Fredericton Christian Academy

778 MacLaren Ave, Fredericton NB

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Financial Giving

Cross Current Community Church is registered with the Canadian government as a non-profit organization, allowing you to receive a tax benefit when you give.

Offerings can be mailed to the following address: CrossCurrent c/o Keith McMullin, 40 Brown Blvd., Suite 309, Fredericton  NB, E3A 0L7

The easiest option for giving to Cross Current Community Church, other than in person at our Sunday meeting, is by e-transfer via your on-line bank account. We’ve provided a guide here to help you through the process.

If you’re already familiar with e-transfer, simply observe the following when sending your gift:

  • Email Address:
  • Security Question: “My gift is for”
  • Security Answer: Contact us at for the current security answer.
  • Message/Comment: Please include your full mailing address so we can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.

All e-transfers are typically processed within a week of receipt.

E-Transfer Instructions

If you’re new to e-transfer, use the following steps as a guide:

  1. Sign in to your online bank account.
  2. Find and select the option to pay bills and/or transfer funds.
  3. Look for and select the option to make an e-Transfer payment.
  4. Follow other prompts to provide the source account and amount.
  5. At some point, you will be prompted to provide an email account or mobile phone number to send the payment to. Select the email address option and enter “”.
  6. You will also be prompted to provide a security question, a security answer and a message/comment. Fill these out as follows:
    1. Security question: “My gift is for”
    2. Obtain the current security answer by emailing
    3. Message/comment: Enter your full mailing address to ensure you receive a tax-deductible receipt. If you wish to receive the receipt before the end of the year, please indicate this. Otherwise we will mail your tax-deductible receipt to you before March of the following year.
  7. Submit your request. An email notification will be sent to our email address alerting us to your generous offering. Thank you!