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Lesson 1

“The Most High God (The Trinity)”


Our Amazing God



Our Amazing God

“The Most High God”

Leader’s Lesson Overview #1

“In the beginning God…” These words are as foundational as you can get. Everything else proceeds from the knowledge of God. The psalmist tells us the beginning of wisdom is the fear (or deep respect) of the Lord (Psalms 111:10). One must know who He is and His nature to acquire that deep respect. So it is here we must begin our foundational study with our children.

It’s easy to assume they know all about God—doesn’t everyone? But the answer is no! Perhaps children who have been raised in Christian homes and in a church environment know quite a bit. But it is amazing how many children today have little to no knowledge of the Most High God, Creator of heaven and earth. Even our western culture, which at one time was predominately Christian, has been greatly influenced by the religions of other cultures as people have immigrated into our country.

Religions such as Islam and other Eastern religions are growing rapidly in the United States, as well as in other industrialized nations. This is primarily due to immigration rather than conversions, but none the less we can no longer assume in religious discussions that everyone is talking about the same God.

Western culture has been deeply influenced by Eastern religions in recent years. Many European nations have been nearly cleansed of any knowledge of God, whereas other nations such as India have literally millions of gods.

People from these cultures now make up a significant part of our population. So we must ask ourselves who God is, why He is better than any other god, or why He deserves our loyalty and love. This is not so we can brace ourselves in a defensive stance towards other religions, but so we can knowl- edgably present our loving Heavenly Father to a hurt- ing, lonely world. This world is full of children who have no knowledge, accurate or inaccurate, of Him. This may include visitors attending your children’s church.


It’s easy to assume children know all about God— doesn’t everyone? The answer is no!

Power Verse

“I call to God, the Most High…who supplies my every need.” Psalms 57:2
(Good News Translation)

Power Verse Discussion


Our Amazing God

Make sure the children understand the following words and information:

God, the Most High: Ask the children what they think “Most High” means. It means
there is no other god higher, better, and stronger in any way. It’s a no comparison between Him and other so-called gods.
Supplies: (verb) Gives, provides, furnishes
Needs: Something that is necessary to life—food, clothing, shelter, but also money, friends, love, health, etc.

Advance Preparation


Props: 1. A football or basketball, 2. Picture of Elvis Presley or another popular celebrity the children would know, 3. Globe, 4) The tissue dragon.

Visual Lesson #1

Props: 1. A real flower which has a nice fragrance, like a rose, 2. Small bowl with clean water in it and a towel to wipe your hands dry, 3. A round hoop, bracelet, or large ring, 4. A table lamp with a 100 Watt bulb in it and no lampshade.

Visual Lesson #2

Props: 1. Bring something you have made–a painting, sculpture, or craft. If you don’t have something of your own, use something your spouse or children have done that is very impressive, 2. A rope or cord long enough to wrap around a child’s shoulders a couple of times, 3) A globe of the earth, 4. A Bible.

Visual Lesson #3 Props: 1. None

(Underlined objects are provided in the Visual Kit for this curriculum available through Kids in Ministry International. See page 238.)



Our Amazing God

Lesson #1:

“The Most High God”
What Is a God?

Props: 1. A football or basketball, 2. Picture of Elvis Presley or another popular celebrity the children would know, 3. Globe, 4) The tissue dragon.


What is a god? ( Allow for discussion.) It is something or someone people worship and think very highly of. People can make a god out of anything— they can make a god out of money, sports (hold up a football, or basketball), education, music, or a movie star (hold up a picture of a celebrity). You will know you have created a “god” out of something or someone when it/they are the most important thing in your life. They are all you talk about, or think about, and what you spend your time and money on.

A god can also be a living being who has supernatural powers, or can do amazing things beyond the normal ability of humans. Because these creatures have powers humans don’t, people are deceived into thinking they are gods. When you visit with people in other nations, or those of other religions here in our country, you will discover many of them believe in literally millions of gods. (Hold up the tissue dragon.)

What’s amazing about these gods is they all seem to have some type of supernatural power—to hurt or to supposedly help the people who believe in them. It’s real power! Many can tell stories of the bad things which have happened because of these gods be- ing angry at them or someone they know. This brings a great deal of fear to the people. They spend much of their time and money making sacrifices and doing things to make their gods happy. They hope the gods will be good to them and answer their prayers.

But we need to know there is only one true God. He is a God of love—the Most High God, Cre- ator of heaven and earth (hold up a globe and spin it). It’s important to understand all gods are not equal to each other. Just because the gods other people believe in have supernatural power, does not mean they have as much power as the Most High God. Our God has no competition! It’s the difference between night and day. The Bible tells us there are no other gods like the Most High.

Actually, these other “gods” are nothing more than angels the Most High God created in the begin- ning of time. They chose to rebel and fight against their Creator. Their evil leader, Satan, at one time was the most beautiful angel God ever created. But he allowed his heart to be filled with pride at his beauty. Isaiah 14:14 NLT quotes Lucifer saying, “I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.”

He has been trying to be as powerful as God ever since, but it’s impossible. He uses fear and deceit to get people to do what he wants. But the most High God uses love, and love conquers all.


Visual Lesson #1

What Is God Like?


Our Amazing God

Lesson #1:

“The Most High God”

Props: 1. A real flower which has a nice fragrance, like a rose, 2. Small bowl with clean water in it and a towel to wipe your hands dry, 3. A round hoop, bracelet, or large ring.

Programmed in the heart of every human being is the desire to worship the true God. This God is very much alive and active in our world today. “The fool has said in his heart there is no God” (Psalms 53:1). But there is much we nPbeed to learn about Him first which will help us understand why He is the only one worth serving.

When we study the Bible we discover many wonderful things about the Most High God. From the first verse of the Bible we discover He is the Creator of the universe and everything in it (display the flower, and gently smell it with pleasure). God is so big He can hold the oceans in His hand (cup your hand, dip it in the bowl of water, and hold it up) and measure the heavens with His fingers! (Isaiah 40:12) (Spread out your hand widely with thumb and small finger stretched as far apart as possible.)

God had no beginning and no ending—that is, He wasn’t born like we are. He just always existed (Isaiah 43:13). In the same way, God will never die. He can’t get sick! He is eternal! (Display the round hoop, and trace its circumference with your finger as an example of no beginning and no end.) He is also a holy, and righteous God.

There is nothing God cannot do, and nothing He doesn’t know. We can’t keep secrets from Him, because He even knows the very secrets of our hearts (Psalms 44:21)! He knew all about us before we were ever born—everyday of our lives were recorded in His book (Psalms 139:16). We can’t see Him with our eyes because He is a Spirit (John 4:24). As a Spirit, He is not limited to time or space. He can be everywhere at once.

We’re told in the Bible the Most High God is a good God and His mercies (or good things He does for us) endure (last) forever. He is a God of endless love for His creations—especially us. It is this quality of being a loving Creator which sets Him apart from other gods more than anything else.

The whole reason He created the universe was for people to enjoy it. He has been planning from the beginning of time to spend eternity with as many human beings as possible. He has a great plan for each one of us!

He never changes. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)! We can always count on Him to help us with any problem we have! He gives us hope that good things will happen in our lives, and He has a wonderful future planned for us. Our God loves us with an everlasting love, and there is nothing we can do to ever make Him stop loving us!



Our Amazing God

Lesson #1:

“The Most High God”

Visual Lesson #2

No Competition!

Props: 1. Bring something you have made–a painting, sculpture, or craft. If you don’t have something of your own, use something your spouse or children have done that is very impressive, 2. A rope or cord long enough to wrap around a child’s shoulders a couple of times, 3) A globe of the earth, 4. A Bible.

I want to show you something I made. (Hold up your item.) I’m really proud of what I have done. Do you think this is good? (Allow for response.) But as good as this is, it is not better or greater than me—the one who made it, correct? It can’t do the things I do.
It can’t create anything else. It can’t even think! I am the creator of this object. As the creator, this item will never be greater, more creative or more powerful than me.

The Most High God is the creator of everything, and all other “gods” were created by him. Those be- ings—or demons—could never be greater than the one who created them. They aren’t even really “gods”! But because they have supernatural powers human beings don’t have, they have deceived people into believing they are!

They like to show off their power to make people afraid of them. God doesn’t have to show off. He sits in the heavens and laughs at them. These gods try to steal mens’ hearts away from the Most High. They rule them with fear, pride, and selfishness which wraps people in bondage and their hearts in prisons (wrap the rope around a child while you’re talking.) But the Most High is a God of hope, loving kindness, happiness, joy, humbleness, and is totally unselfish (take the rope off the child). It should be our goal to be like Him!

Some day there will be a great final battle between all the little false gods and the Most High.
But the false gods are doomed. Their fate is sealed, and they know it. They are trying to ruin as many lives and take as many people to hell with them as they can. It’s the greatest battle of the universe, and we’re in the middle of it! Every time we choose to disobey God, we are taking sides with the devil against Him. Every time we choose to obey God we are taking sides with God over the devil. We’re in a war from the day we’re born between God and the forces of evil gods, but we’re the winners!

Hell is a place of punishment for the enemies of God. It was created for the devil and his angels, for human beings. Heaven is our home when we love and serve the Most High God. Angels are in the throne room with God constantly. He’s preparing a place for us to live with him right now. He wants to bless us and be our best friend. No other gods of any other religion want to bless us or be a friend of any kind to us!

Heaven is God’s throne and the earth is His footstool. He built the whole universe (spin the globe) around His love for people. As we read the book He wrote just for us, the Bible (hold it up), His love for us is revealed in every page. You can always talk to God anytime and anyplace. He’s always listening and look- ing for those who will worship Him. He is a God who has never sinned!


Friendship With God


Our Amazing God

Lesson #1:

“The Most High God”

Visual Lesson #3

One of the most wonderful and amazing things about the Most High God is He deeply loves people. In fact, the Bible tells us the entire reason He made them in the first place was to be His best friends. (Bring a child up to the front and either hold their hand or put your arm around their shoulders.) Best friends are very special. You don’t want just anybody to be your best friend. Best friends are one of a kind.

Who would have ever thought the God of the whole universe would care for little tiny mankind? (Rhetorical questions not requiring response.) What can we possibly give to the God who created the world and everything in it? What can we offer this God who has everything, knows everything, and is so powerful? King David wrote, “What are human beings that you think of them?” (Psalms 8:4 GNT)

Yet, not only does He love us, and wants to be best friends with us, but He has gone a step further. He has done something no other so-called god can do. He has chosen to never leave us nor forsake us, and has chosen to live on the inside of us if we allow Him to.

Imagine that! The King of the universe loves you so much, He wants to move right into your heart and be with you forever! This alone is a miracle. It’s a glorious mystery how the God who fills the universe and holds the oceans in the palm of His hand can fit inside our hearts. But He can do it, and will do so to any man, woman, boy or girl who asks Him to. No other god promises to do this. No other god has the ability to do this! It’s not even a concept available in other reli- gions. Only the God who made us, loves us, and cares about us has chosen to be so closely involved in every minute of our lives to lead, guide, help, and bless us.

What do we do with best friends? (Allow for response.) We play with them, talk with them, go places together, tell them our secrets, cry on their shoulder when we’re sad, and laugh together when we’re happy. When we have a best friend we want to do everything together!

In the same way, when we become best friends with God, we take Him with us when we play, (hold the hands of the child, skip around in a circle in play) we talk to Him, tell Him our secrets, cry on His shoul- der when we’re sad, and laugh together when we’re happy. Though we cannot see Him with our eyes, or hear Him with our ears, He’s with us all the time.

The more you talk to Him, the closer you become. Prayer is the word we use to describe talking to God. We can pray anytime and anywhere. Then He talks back to us in our hearts, and through His Word, the Bible. Like with our natural friends, we have to spend lots of time with God to develop a good friendship.

Props: None



Our Amazing God

Lesson #1:

“The Most High God”
Drama Skit

“So-Called Gods” (Based on Isaiah 14:12-14)

Actors: Two demons (false gods), God, one man, one woman, one child
Costumes: Each demon is dressed in solid black–black pants, black long sleeved shirt, black gloves, and black socks with no shoes. No skin should be showing. Everything should be black. Their heads and necks can be covered with a black stocking cap, or cloth. One will wear the False god #1 mask, the other will wear the False god #2 mask. God should be dressed in a white flowing gown with a white scarf draped over His head and shoulders. If you have a white beard, it can be added for greater effect. The man, woman and child can wear their normal clothing.

Scene I: The man and woman are sitting at the table quietly. The incense, bowl, and matches are on the table but not being used. No one else is on stage. Suddenly the two demons come flying into the room hollering angrily, and roll on the floor as though they have just been thrown out of a house. The demons do not see the people, and the people do not see the demons. The people will stay unaware of them throughout the entire skit, never looking at them or responding directly to them until it’s time to worship. For a special effect, turn the lights off in the room and have spotlights on the actors.

False god #1: False god #2: False god #1: False god #2: False god #1: False god #2:

False god #1:

False god #2:

Just who does He think He is anyway? (Stands up brushing himself off.)

(Shakes his fist toward heaven angrily) You’re gonna pay for this! You’ll see!

He can’t treat us like this–throwing us out of heaven the way He did.

He just did, stupid! (Stands up and brushes himself off.)

Oh, yeah…

But He hasn’t seen the last of us yet. (Slams his fist into the palm of his hand angrily, but hurts himself, and shouts “Ouw!” and shakes his hurting palm.)

I don’t know what we can do. After all, at least two thirds of the other angels stayed in heaven with Him. There’s only a third of us angels that got kicked out! We’re outnum- bered two to one!

(In the face of his friend.) Don’t ever call me an angel again! I don’t want to be identified with those wimps!


False god #1: OK! OK! I won’t! (Looks away, then back slowly.) So, lKikIDe,SwINhaMtIdNoISyToRuYwINaTnEt RtoNbAeTIONAL

called then?

Our Amazing God

(The False god #2 suddenly sticks out his chest, throws his head high in the air, places his fists on his sides with elbows out as he faces the audience.)

False god #2: (Very arrogantly) You can call me GOD!
False god #1: What?! (Laughs hysterically like a chimpanzee might do, bending over holding his stomach as

he howls.)

(The False god #2 with hands still on his hips leans over right in the face of the False god #1 and waits for the other guy to quit laughing.)

False god #2: I said call me GOD! (Looks up to heaven and shakes his fist to the sky shouting angrily.) Because I will be greater than the Most High God!

False god #1: (Scrambles nervously to back away from his buddy and gets very serious.) Alright! No problem! Whatever you say, boss…..but…..who’s going to believe you?

(The False god #2 looks menacingly around the audience, then spies the two people sitting at the table who re- main oblivious to him as he begins to chuckle and stalks around the table looking at them like a tiger stalking its prey.)

False god #2:

Man: Woman: False god #2:

Just watch this! (Standing between them and facing the audience he grabs the table and shakes it. The humans look at the table then at each other with very wide eyes.)

Did you do that? (Begins to slowly back away from the table.) (With a shaky voice) N-no, I-I-I th-thought you d-d-did!
This is just too easy!

(He lifts the table into the air as though it is levitating and sets it back, still chuckling as he watches the reaction of the humans. Both humans panic and jump away from the table shrieking in fear.)


Woman: False god #2:


False god #2: False god #1:

It’s a god!!! No one could have that kind of power unless he was a god! Maybe he’s angry with us!

What should we do?

(Gets right in the man’s face and screams) Worship me, you fool! Or you’ll be sorry! (He immediately sits down on the floor with crossed legs, back straight, head looking straight ahead at the audience, with the palms of his hands facing upwards. He is completely quiet.)

I-I-I think we’re s-s-supposed to w-w-worship h-h-him. (The man and woman immedi- ately grab the incense, place it at the feet of the demon, light it, then bow down before him with their faces to the ground. They stay there.)

(Throws his head back and laughs.) They called me a god! See, I told you! They think I’m god!!!

Wow, boss! They really did! (Hopping around the bowing humans like a real chimpanzee 23


False god #1: False god #2: Child:

Man: Child: Woman: Child:

Man: Child:


Oh, no! We weren’t expecting this! It’s a kid and the REAL God! What do we do now, boss? What if that kid really knows the power of God???

(Trying to block the light from his eyes as he watches the movement of the child and God.) Quiet, you fool! I’m thinking!

(Walks right up to the people, not seeing the demons. The False god #2 remains seated in front of them, but acts like he is repelled by the child’s presence, almost fearful.) Hi, you guys. What are you doing? (He touches the man on the back and the man and woman sit upright and look at him.)

We’re worshiping our god.
What god? (Looking around not seeming to notice the False god #2.) This one right here. (Pointing to the False god #2.)

(Looks and shakes his head.) That isn’t a god. It’s a just a plain old demon trying to act like the Most High God. He’s just a fallen angel trying to show off his powers. (The False god #2 cringes and acts like he’s trying to tell the child to be quiet, putting a finger over his lips.)

(The man and woman look at the False god, then back at the child.) How can you tell? We saw him do powerful things, and we were afraid to not worship him.

Fear is his biggest tool! All he’s really got to control you with is fear. The Most High God gets rid of all your fears and fills you with love, peace, and joy. That guy’s biggest fear is that you’ll discover who he really is, and that he’ll no longer be able to frighten you with his magic tricks. Watch this!

(The child points at the quivering demon.) Devil, in the name of Jesus, GO!

and pointing at them.) All you had to do was a few magic tricks, and they think you have the same power as the Most High God does! That’s so cool! Boy, can we have fun with this! When I

Our Amazing God

tell the other guys, why, they’re all going to want to be gods too!

(Just then a child walks into the room holding God, the Holy Spirit, by the hand. As they enter the lights come on, and the demons act like they are being blinded by the light. The humans are still unaware of what is happening at this point.)

(The Holy Spirit walks over to the False god #2 and flicks his shoulder with His finger. Both the False gods shriek with fear and pain-like sounds, scramble to get to their feet, not able to exit fast enough. The man and woman jump to their fear ecstatic with joy, clapping their hands and laughing.)


There is no comparison between the Most High God, and the demons who try to show off their powers. The Most High is a God of love. He’ll never try to make you worship Him through fear and magic tricks. Besides, they’re doomed to spend eternity in hell for all the trouble they’ve caused!

(Raising his hands in excitement.) Praise God! We’ve been set free!
All our fear is gone! Now we know who the true God is! That’s who we want to serve!

(All exit excitedly, with the child holding the hand of the Holy Spirit.)


“The Most High God”

Review Questions #1


Our Amazing God

Review questions are a very valuable teaching tool. They not only show us how well the children have learned, but they show us how well we have taught them. We never deliberately use “trick” questions. We try to make our questions simple and clear. Review questions should not be designed so only your brightest students will get them. Using these questions at the beginning of the next week’s lesson “God, the Father” is a great way to refresh their memory as to what you discussed and is a great launching pad to begin a new concept. (Make sure you read about this section in “How to Effectively Use This Curriculum.”)

  1. What is a god? Something or someone people worship and think very highly of.
  2. How can you tell if you have created a ‘god’ out of something? It’s the most important thing in your life. It’s all you talk about and think about, and what you spend your time and money on.
  3. Are all gods equal in power and strength and ability? No
  4. There is one God Who has no competition. Who is it? The Most High God
  5. When was the Most High God born, and when will He die? He always existed and will never die.
  6. Which God is the creator of all things? The Most High God
  7. Name some of the things God is like. He is all powerful, all knowing, He knows the secrets of our hearts, He is good, merciful, has endless love for us, desires to be our friend, He never changes, etc.
  8. If an artist paints a picture, is the picture greater and more wonderful than the artist who made it? No
  9. God created all things, including the angels who rebelled and became demons. What have these demons tricked some people into believing about themselves? They are also gods, and are equal in power to the Most High God.
  10. The Most High sits in the heavens and when he looks down on those other so-called gods, what does He do? He laughs at them
  11. Some day there will be a final great battle between the Most High God and the demon-gods. What will happen to these false gods? They will be cast into hell forever
  12. What was the main reason God made human beings? To be best friends with them
  13. God wants to be so close to us, He actually wants to move into someplace and live. Where is this? In the hearts of men, women, boys, and girls.
  14. How many other gods can also live inside of us? None
  15. What types of things do you do with best friends? (Refer to page 21 for answer)



Our Amazing God


2. 3.

4. 5.

6. 7.

8. 9. 10.

1 Kings 8:23 (kjv)

Hebrews 13:8 Joshua 24:15 (gnt)

2 Thessalonians 2:3 (gnt) Isaiah 43:13

John 4:24 Psalms 139:16

2 Peter 2:4 (gnt) John 1:2-3 (gnt) Isaiah 14:12-15

And he said, Lord God of Israel, there is no God like thee, in heaven above, or on earth beneath, who keepest covenant and mercy with thy servants that walk before thee with all their heart:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
If you are not willing to serve him, decide today whom you will serve… As for

my family and me, we will serve the Lord.”

Do not let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until the final Rebellion takes place and the Wicked One appears, who is destined to hell.

Indeed before the day was, I am He; And there is no one who can deliver out of My hand; I work, and who will reverse it?

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”
Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were

written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.

God did not spare the angels who sinned, but threw them into hell, where they are kept chained in darkness, waiting for the Day of Judgment.

From the very beginning the Word was with God. Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.

How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the Pit.